Patient Video Testimonials

Written Patient Testimonials

"Most of my adult life I suffered from toothaches and abscesses. I hardly had a tooth that did not already have fillings and root canals but still toothaches and abscesses continued so I decided to investigate implants about 4 years ago. I started in Winston-Salem with placing posts for implants and had to have bone grafting, etc. About $9000 later, with no implants in sight, I decided to change routes. I learned of Dr. Stephen Wessels in Wilkesboro, NC who was closer to home. I consulted in him and it changed my life! Dr. Wessels and his staff was God sent. Now I have complete implants on top and bottom (took about a year) and now I can eat anything and never have to worry about another toothache. I highly recommend Dr. Wessels and his staff if you’re looking for implants. "– R.L.W.

"I was very nervous when I came to Dr. Wessels for my two implants that I needed but Dr. Wessels and his staff were very kind and considerate towards me. They always made me feel at ease. Looking at more implants in the future and I will most definitely be coming to Dr. Stephen Wessels. I highly recommend him to all. Wonderful doctor and staff" - R.M.

"Dr. Wessels and his staff exemplify professionalism, patient care and good communication.  They are the best of the best, without a doubt." - R.A.O.

“The whole process of getting the mini implants was a total success.  The first couple of days I did experience some pain but nothing bad.  The implants look very natural and I’m super happy with my new smile!” – R.L.R.

“I just finished my implant journey.  Tonight I will be able to chew my food and I’m so excited.  Dr. Wessels and his staff are great.  I would highly recommend.” – E.J.

"I was referred to Dr. Wessels by a friend. I was very impressed by the professional office, staff, and Dr. Wessels. I was asked for medical history and medications, after exam and xrays, Good News! I qualified for my much needed implant! The price was affordable and the surgical placement implant was almost pain free! I'm proud of my new smile and also proud to recommend Dr. Wessels, my new friend and great dentist!" - D.D.G.

"I'm so pleased with my new teeth and treatment received from Dr. Wessels! Because when I came to their office I was unable to eat. My treatment was very pleasant and enjoyable. I couldn't have been treated any better by anyone else! I highly recommend implants!" - B.S.

"I will and have recommended others to this office. My experience on a scale of 1-10 is definitely a 10. Dr. Wessels made my visits painless and comfortable as he possibly could. The staff and office employees were very friendly and helpful with any concerns I had." -T.G.

"Dr. Wessels and his staff are as good as they come! Very experienced in what they do, also very caring about the patients, then and afterwards. I highly recommend Dr. Wessels and his team for anyone!" - S.S.

"I recently had an implant procedure done by Dr. Wessels. Let me start by saying that from my first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself. Dr. Wessels' personality inspires the utmost confidence for a patient with his wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Last but not least, I would like to give a special thanks to Marianne, Diane, and Stephanie, and to the entire staff for making this experience so pleasant. Kudos and the highest of recommendations to Dr. Wessels and his staff!" - G.W.S.

"I had all my teeth pulled August of 2018, but couldn't wear my dentures. I came to Dr. Wessels for help and got it! I love my teeth! I can eat, talk normally, and finally have straight teeth and a smile I am proud of! LOVE Dr. Wessels, his staff is awesome and really care about their work and patients! I would recommend Dr. Wessels to everyone. Thanks for all your help!" - H.R.D.

"We are very thankful for Dr. Wessels and his staff for the outstanding work and compassion he showed to our son during the extensive treatment plan. Our son had a very difficult case to tackle, but Dr. Wessels did it with ease and perfection. We are very delighted with the outcome!" - W.R.K.

"I was definitely nervous when I came in to get my implant, but Dr. Wessels and his were very considerate of that and thorough in explaining how they would proceed. In the end, I was absolutely amazed at how quick, easy, and most of all painless the whole procedure was. I would and do recommend it to all interested." - W.H.

"I never thought I would be so pleased with implants in my whole life! I saw Dr. Wessels and decided to try mini implants after being told I could not use regular implants. I would like to thank Dr. Wessels and staff!' - J.W.H.

"I am so elated with my new upper front teeth. Very natural and so lovely. I can't express enough on their professionalism and strive for perfection for this dental practice is truly impeccable. Thank you!" - C.K.

"Dr. Wessels provided the best dental work I have ever had. He and his staff are superb! I was I had always been coming to him for all my dental work. I will highly recommend his dentistry to others!" - K.W.

"The entire mini dental implant procedure went very well! I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome and the people in the office. I've already told others about this office & will continue to pass Dr. Wessels name along." - A.M.

"Mini implants are the greatest replacement for missing teeth. My implant crowns look and feel natural. The procedure was very easy. If you really want to replace missing teeth this is the way to go!" - W.W.

"Staff and Dr. were exceptional! Everyone was caring and helpful. I would recommend them to anyone who has a fear of dentist offices for a very positive experience." - B.H.

"I have been a patient of Dr. Wessels for many years. He has always been very pleasant and professional and his ability to provide the best prevention and restorative care is beyond excellent. Also his assistants and office personnel are very helpful and supportive. Recently I purchased a Phillips Sonicare toothbrush system for cleaning my teeth, Dr. Wessels price is much less than you pay elsewhere and the Phillips Sonicare has improved my dental check-ups a lot. I whole heartedly am pleased to recommend Dr. Wessels and his group for all your dental needs." -M.M.

"I am very excited to receive my hybrid implant denture. I've had several dentures over the years that never worked. No adhesive would hold them in. Implants have been a "miracle." I am not uncomfortable opening my mouth, smiling, or laughing. My self esteem about eating in front of others has increased by leaps and bounds. Wish I had done this done years ago. You cannot go wrong with implants!" -S.M.H.

"Became a patient of Doctor Wessels a few years ago on the recommendation of a family member. I was impressed by the professionalism of everyone at the office and on the staff. One of the best decisions I've made concerning my dental care was becoming a regular patient." -D.W.

"Dr. Wessels is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. He’s an honest, Godly man and someone you can trust. I can feel the peace of God whenever I’m there for an appointment. I’m very grateful for him." -D.L.

"Dr. Wessels has been our family dentist since he came to Wilkesboro. We have always had confidence in him and trusted him for our dental care. I had a denture for 25 years and recently had mini-implants and a new denture. I have been very happy with the experience. My new denture is very stable, like natural teeth and also very pretty to look at. I would recommend mini-implants to anyone who has a denture. I also trust all of the staff and count them as my friends. I have always been happy with the treatment my family has received there."-K.P.

"I had several procedures done at the office of Dr. Stephen Wessels. I am a terrible patient, petrified of going to a dentist. The entire staff of Dr. Wessels were very considerate of my fears and did everything possible to make my visits comfortable. I had no problems, no pain, I would highly recommend Dr. Wessels!" -P.C.

"Dr. Wessels and his staff love what they do and it definitely shows in their work. I have seen several dentists in the past and have had bad experiences with them but have never had any with Dr. Wessels' office. Anytime I've had a problem with a tooth, they have always been able to take care of my discomfort. No matter who works on me staff wise, they have always treated me like family. I also appreciate the fact that they use the latest technology to make my dental experience enjoyable. Dr. Wessels is simply the best dentist in town!" -M.F.

"I was so upset when I lost my front tooth because of a bike accident. Thanks to Dr. Wessels and his excellent care, he replaced my front tooth with an implant and crown. He went the extra mile to make sure my crown was perfectly matched with my other teeth. He did all this in one easy visit. I highly recommend Dr. Wessels and staff. They are absolutely the best." -A.W.

"I had one missing front tooth and a missing top left tooth which was not good for smiling. Now I have teeth and can smile again. Dr. Wessels and his staff are very friendly and efficient" -N.H.

"February 2020, I had a Mini Dental Implant. After the implant, I had no pain and soon afterwards, I was able to chew and eat with no problem. I was pleased with the implant and I am having no problems." -P.D.

"This has been such a great experience and the doctor and all his staff have been super great. I’m very pleased with the work quality and everything about this. Best dentist office and visits I have ever had." -C.B.E

"My experience with Dr. Wessels was better than I ever expected. The whole procedure went exactly as he explained. I’m on my second day and the pain is now minimal. Also his staff is the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I would recommend Dr. Wessels to anyone.

"My experience with Dr. Wessels was better than I ever expected. The whole procedure went exactly as he explained. I’m on my second day and the pain is now minimal. Also his staff is the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I would recommend Dr. Wessels to anyone." -E.M.P.

"Before getting denture implants, I was too self-conscious to smile. The constant pain caused a loss of weight, lower energy levels due to lack of nutrition, and inability to sleep. Now, thanks to Dr. Wessels, I have the ability to eat the foods that I want, get a good night’s sleep, and having the joy of a smile that I can be proud of. I am truly grateful for Dr. Wessels and his staff. They are wonderful people!" - J.W.

"Dr. Wessels is very much a perfectionist and my Mini is a maxi so much! My daughter has had hers for years and is very pleased." - M.C.D.

Patient testimony after having her denture replaced with an implant-retained permanent bridge: “Amazed! Never dreamed I could get my smile back. I’m speechless and beyond excited.” – T.S.